Intech offers a variety of products and services supporting a number of different industries.

Shop Replaceable Unit Test System (SRUTS)

The SRUTS is a computer controlled test station that supports the automated   testing   of   selected   shop   replaceable  unit  (SRU) assemblies.



Environmental Stress Screening Integrated Test Assembly (ESS-ITA)

In February 2009, Intech built and delivered their fourth ESS-ITA to Harris Corporation.


Combustion Pressure Monitoring System  

The Combustion Dynamics Monitor is a reliable and economical system for continuously monitoring turbine combustion pressure.  



Portable High Channel Count Data Acquisition System  

200+  channel portable strain gauge test and measurement system that improves measurement accuracy, enables automated hardware configuration,  eliminates wiring errors and provides a more intuitive user interface.

Flexible Response System

FRS-80 Flexible Response System

The Flex Response System acts a central processor for the many alert buttons located near airport metal detectors.  When pressed, these buttons cause a contact closure which results in visual and audio alarms at the command station.

Portable Hydrophone Instrumentation System 


Portable Hydrophone Instrumentation System - PHISY

The Portable Hydrophone Instrumentation System (PHISY) is a self- contained unit providing power to a hydrophone and depth sensor. 



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