FRS-80 Flexible Response System

The Flex Response System acts a central processor for the many ‘alert buttons’ located near airport metal detectors. When pressed, these buttons cause a contact closure which results in visual and audio alarms at the command station.

The custom software provides the following functionality: (a) configuration, (b) data logging, (c) test, (d) alarm acknowledgment, (e) alarm silencing and (f) report generation. The configuration function allows an operator to create/edit a configuration file mapping the different inputs to various locations throughout the airport. With a configuration in place, a background task is used to log all alarm occurrences.


FRS-80 Flexible Response System

Two of these Flex Response Systems are currently in use at the Miami International Airport.



-  Off-the-shelf rack mount computer system
-  Rack mount uninteruptable power supply
-  Custom interface panel with audible and visible alarm indicators
-  Laser printer
-  National InstrumentsTM DIO-96 digital input/output board
-  Custom LabVIEW for Windows software



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