Automated Semiconductor Test System

An automated system for testing semiconductors. The system includes a host PC, and various pieces of Hewlett Packard test equipment communicating via GPIB. The system was written using LabVIEW® for Windows.

Mechanical Structure Test System

The system controls the operation of and records telemetry from a mechanical structure.  Operation includes the triggering of release devices and running motors.  Telemetry gathered includes motor current, limit switch, structure position, and strain gage measurements.  The system includes cable test and calibration functions.  The system uses several technologies including SCXI.  Software is implemented in LabWindows/CVI.

Pedestrian Traffic Monitor

A  PC-based pedestrian traffic monitor for the Miami International Airport. The system includes a PC, expansion chassis, National Instruments Counter/Timer boards and custom software written using LabVIEW for Windows.

Airport Waste Processing Control System

A PC-based airport waste processing control system for Miami International Airport. The system is written in LabVIEW for Windows and uses National Instruments data acquisition cards.

Real Time Accoustic Measurement System

A two part system consisting of a data acquisition and a detailed analysis system.  The data acquisition system captures up to 10 channels of long duration high speed, high precision hydrophone data while providing basic analysis to give the operator a ‘quick look’ at the data.  It controls hardware filters and calibration sources to ensure accurate measurements.  The detailed analysis system allows the operator to select sections of captured data for fine detail analysis and report generation.

MIL-STD-1553 Interface Card VXIplug&play Driver

Low-level device drivers created with LabVIEW for Windows and LabWindows/CVI, C, and Visual Basic. This includes drivers for various DSP boards, a driver for a custom ARINC 429 interface card, and a MIL-STD 1553 interface card VXIplug&play driver.


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